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Southern Highlands

Southern Highlands is a master-planned community located in the southern foothills of Las Vegas Valley, Nevada. The private Southern Highlands Golf Club surrounds it on three sides. Residents can enjoy all that this gated paradise has to offer without any worry about traffic or crowds! It contains resorts and restaurants nearby; you'll never run out of something fun to do when living here. It contains a resort, two retail centers, recreational facilities, a country club, spa, multiple parks, two medical centers, a public safety department, and an office plaza.

Nestled in the scenic foothills of Las Vegas, Southern Highlands composes 2,750 acres with over $200 million invested in the development. The investment provided significant expansion to accommodate the growing population of residents. The distinct residential neighborhood offers a variety of housing options with high-quality designs and construction.


Olympia Sports Park

The Olympia Sports Park is a serene and beautiful park suitable for many sports. It has facilities like lighted fields, a basketball court, workout stations, and more. It has a hilltop trail where you can hike or jog. Coaches and players can use it for league team practices if they can secure permits ahead. Aside from those mentioned, there are also water play features, playground structures that kids can play around, and a shaded family picnic area. There are more amenities available, and it is regularly clean and well-maintained.

Address: 4885 Starr Hills Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89141

Inzalaco Park

Insalaco Park is a 4.38 acre-park with gorgeous landscape views that every family who visits can enjoy. It is an excellent place for kids to run around and be active in the playground. The open space with a large grass area allows them to play sports or fly a kite. It can be a perfect neighborhood park for just hanging out under the shade of trees or at the pavilion with a sitting area.

Address: 5801 Shinnecock Hills Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89141

Goett Park

Goett Park is a lovely family park that offers a water splash for kids and a spacious green to hang out or play. There are also picnic areas under canopies for shade. The fantastic jungle gym has a cushion material that helps to lessen impact during a fall when kids play. It is a great place to go during summer and walk on a path at the side of the park.

Address: 10950 Southern Highlands Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89141

Southern Highlands

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